Marketing For Doctors – 4 Strategies For Attracting New Patients

One of the challenges in marketing for doctors is how to keep a constant flow of patients in their practice. Doctors realize that years of hard work working hard and giving exceptional health care does not guarantee success. The harsh reality is that even the greatest doctor in the world will be frustrated, dissatisfied and struggle without a constant stream of new patients. I am going to share with you four strategies on how to deal with this big challenge, learnt directly from Floyd Lee Locums.

Strategy #1) Create A Constant Flow Of Specific Ideal Patients:

Your job is more than giving quality health care. You must create a constant flow of ideal new patients. Your marketing should attract the specific type of patients that you want to work with, who accept your treatment recommendations, refer their family and friends and stay with you forever. Always remember that no matter how long you have been marketing for doctors, you have to keep new ideal patients coming in.

Strategy #2) Reactivate Patients:

The treasure hidden within your practice is the stable and unfinished treatment data base. What I teach my clients to do is to go after this hidden treasure. Some of best way to do this in marketing for doctors is: you can send out direct mail campaigns with 3 and four steps; you can offer your patients credits towards other procedures; You can do voice broadcasts to your patients with special offers and reminders, or you can use e-mail.

Strategy #3) Create A Patient Referral System:

A referral system can be created that gets patients to market for you to bring a flood of referrals to your practice. I show my clients is that if the referral system is only based on hope, then you do not have a real system in place. A real referral system is something that is team-generated and team-oriented. And in marketing for doctors, the team has a responsibility and accountability for those results as well.

Strategy #4) Get Patients To Choose More Services From You:

The final strategy is to get existing patients to elect to have more services from you. What I see with a lot of doctors do is over look the fact that patients are in need of other procedures. It is easy to wrongfully assume that your patients know you offer other services and will come to you when they need them. But the reality is that they don’t. They are busy being busy with their own lives. What I tell my clients is that if they have other services, they should promote one or two services each month through their newsletter or postcard or e-mail.

In marketing for doctors, you must remind your patients of the other services that you offer. By doing this two things happen:

1 – Patients choose more of your services, which is a win-win;

2 – Word of mouth marketing happens by just communicating with your existing patients about the services that you have and the problems you solve. Then existing patients will refer more often.

So, as you go on with your marketing for doctors, always remember and use these strategies. You will not only get a constant flow of patients that you can help, but you will also build a successful practice as well!