Why Harry Potter is such a legendary series


The Harry Potter series: An epic story about the dismantling of the inter-dimensional dark matrices.

This is not so much a review of the Harry Potter movies as it is a spiritual analysis of the series in general from my point of view. Some of my friends told me that the Harry Potter series was very spiritual. I innocently enjoyed reading the books and viewing the films and never thought about it until I watched the very last film in the Harry Potter series (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2). It hit me that the Harry Potter stories are all about dismantling the dark energetic patterns in the astral plane. I’ve recently been studying the experiences of people who inter-dimensionally travel and how they work in inter-dimensional realms during sleep and while awake.

So what do I mean by dimensions? First of all, the 2nd dimension or 2-D describes a flat existence that consists of height and width and the 3rd dimension consists of height, width and depth. The 3-D world is what we experience when we confine our perceptional experience to what we can see and feel. Then there is the 4th dimension, where the 4th element is time, according to physics. So physics has acknowledged higher dimensions up to 11 which is described by string theory. (Please don’t ask me about physics.).

There are also dimensions within dimensions which are described by physics as multi-verses or universes within universes. Sometimes they are referred to as Parallel Universes. From an experiential level, one finds these other multi-universes by visualizing being “sideways” or “next to” the dimension where we currently have our focus. In such dimensions, we may contact the beings in the elemental kingdom, where earth spirits reside along with the fairy kingdom. We may also contact others in a parallel dimension to work out problems or to visualize the best outcome for a situation and find the solution has manifested itself in our current reality or dimension.

An example of other dimensions is Harry Potter’s school, Hogwarts, which is located in another dimension and we see this when students take the train to Hogwarts. The Hogwarts Express is at platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station. People who are relying on their 3-D perceptions cannot see platform 9 3/4 and in order to get there you must walk right through the wall of the column that separates platform 9 from platform 10.

There is nice example of parallel universes or a Fifth Dimensional experience where Harry has a seemingly near-death experience and goes to a luminous white world where he resolves his relationship with Professor Albus Dumbledore. (Thank God for the Harry Potter Wiki site so I can review this extremely detailed story.) The film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 beautifully portrayed this.

And how about inter-dimensional travel or astral travel? My understanding from my research and experience so far is that the 4th dimension can sometimes be seen as a parallel universe to our 3rd dimension and contains many levels in which one might travel during sleep and while awake. Some of these levels contain energies from unresolved emotional issues, ghosts or souls trying to figure out how to go to the next level, and 4-D beings including good and bad aliens who take a look at us and sometimes try to guide or manipulate us and what’s happening on Earth.

All over the Harry Potter series are examples of how other inter-dimensional or 4-D beings, ghosts included, help Harry and his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, on their quest to dismantle the dark structures in their current dimension. In the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry has to find the Horcruxes which are objects that hide parts of Voldemort’s (the dark lord and oppressor of the wizardry dimension) soul. Destroying the Horcruxes destroys Voldemort’s power and soul piece by piece and thereby frees up the wizard’s dimension.

I’m not sure exactly how those of us who travel to different dimensions during our sleep time help to dismantle the dark energies in different dimensions. I am not yet aware of my role in this project. But I have heard, if you wake up tired from a good night’s sleep, you have been doing a lot of inter-dimensional work during the night. One spiritual blogger says that we break up the dark energies into smaller chunks with our light. And as we can see, the outdated, unfair, dark systems in our world are falling apart. People are waking up and realizing how ridiculous government’s and corporations’ behavior is becoming and how unrealistic and un-life-supporting our social systems have been. The battle between good and evil is so ingrained in our psyche and our entertainment media. Harry Potter is currently one of the epic stories that deals with this legendary battle, which may really be happening behind the scenes in different dimensions.

I’ve looked at some other spiritual interpretations of the Harry Potter series and came across one that talks about Harry as the “chosen one” but I don’t want to go there with this. I’m into developing self-empowerment and realizing our greatness and infinite capabilities. So I say that Harry is a reluctant leader, showing all his fellow students that they also have the power to change the dark into light. Again, this was nicely shown in the final installment of the Harry Potter series. And we may be reluctant leaders in our 3-D world, but when we travel into the other dimensions during dreams, sleep time, waking, etc… we are the spiritual warriors neutralizing the dark forces and liberating the light, however that may manifest.

Finally, from a filmmaking perspective, I think the Harry Potter films have great special effects, acting and art direction, but they are the Reader’s Digest version of the books. I always find the story in the film seems quite rushed and hard to follow, but the books are so easy to read and filled with great detail that gives wonderful emotional depth to the story.

I want to close by saying that I’m not an expert on inter-dimensional travel or inter-dimensionality. And the links I provided to give more explanation for the terms in my blog are meant only to relieve me from having to write a book on the subject(s). I do not necessarily endorse all the ideas in these links. I only use them to create an easy reference to definitions of my terms. So I leave it up to the reader to form your own opinions. And I hope this blog serves as a springboard to more discussion and research into the existence of other dimensions.

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Why You Should Get Your Roof Checked Today


Today inspections can be beneficial and required for a variety of reasons. Depending on where you live it might be required by law or by the contract for a new home purchase or just done to ensure the property is in good shape. Things like the plumbing, basement, heating & cooling system, plumbing and electrical. This allows an evaluation to be done and make sure all checks out.What is checked with an inspection? Well, usually, this is the roof, the structure, the existing plumbing, the electrical system, cooling, and heating system and the basement if present. Since each plays a vital role in the home or property, it’s important that the inspector checks each of them.

Inspecting all parts of your home is the only way to protect your investment from facing premature failure. After homes are build people often, live in them until minor problems escalate into major damage right before their eyes. It is easy to walk past a faulty area and think With your roof, you may notice a problem or it may be something you will never see. You can not be too safe when concerning something as important as your roof. An occasional checking is a key to a long lasting investment. Spending a little time and money now will save you a lot of hassles in the future.

The most important benefit a roof inspection today can have is preventing damage. When a professional is analyzing all corners, shingles, and gutters they are looking out for areas that look like they are about to face failure. Stopping a problem before it occurs is obviously the safest way to protect your wallet. Even the slightest tear on your roof can have the potential to expand if you allow it. Gutters are particularly necessary to inspect because when you allow them to have problems, you are at risk of flooding right in your front lawn.

Inspections are not just important for preventing problems, but for fixing them too. The workers who you decide to hire will have a lot of experience with differentiating a problem from a minor blemish. Some problems with your roof that you have noticed may be harmless and only affect the overall appearance. These fixes can be done for the proper street view, but a roof inspector will be especially concerned with repairing the areas that have shown signs of causing damage. They will target the exact source to prevent a reoccurring situation, rather than poorly patching or make shifting a quick solution.

A roof inspection will confirm that you live in a safe structure and fill you with the comfort of knowing this at night. When a heavy storm blows in you can snuggle in with a movie rather than tend to a leak or flood. It is not even required to have an inspection frequently, but every couple years will suffice. However, if you do have even the slightest concern that something is needing repair, then you should without a doubt set up an appointment.

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Understanding insurance claims


Be it any insurance, health insurance, life insurance, motor insurance, property insurance, third-party insurance, the insurance claims settlement is the essence of all. If the insurance claims procedure is easy and hassle free only then the principal purpose of insurance is met. Let us understand what all is involved in the insurance claim process.


Things to Remember Filing Insurance Claims

1. Be Prepared.
It is much easier to file insurance claims if you know and understands the terms of your insurance policy. Whether it is your home, auto, health or life, it is important to understand what your policy covers. Keep good, organized records of your policies. Keep a file for each policy you have. Under that file, you can put any documents that pertain to that policy.

2. File Quickly.
Many insurance companies have timelines for filing claims. If that timeline is expired, they have no obligation to pay anything towards that claim. Provide the insurance company with accurate information. Double check all contact and ID information on all documents submitted. Any incorrect information will slow the process. Remember that timely filing and accurate information will result in faster processing of your payment.

3. Document.
The most important part of filing insurance claims is to keep track of your documentation. Keep track of all paper work, pictures, and telephone conversations. Remember the file you started for your policies? This is where you will put any and all correspondence that you have with the insurance company. Make photocopies, keep postal service return receipts from mail communication and keep fax coversheets and reports. Keep telephone conversation logs including the date, time and name of the person with whom you were talking. Record what the conversation was about and the results of the phone call.

4. No does not always mean no.
Before you make the first call to your insurance provider about a claim, have all of your documentation ready and write down your story. Know what you want from the claim, what you expect and what you deserve. Do not be intimidated by the person on the other end of the phone. Often you will have to talk to more than one person to get the answers you are looking for. It may be that the information provided by a third party was incorrect or an estimate was inaccurate. Insurance companies make mistakes all of the time, so never accept and pay for something that is incorrect.

5. Filling may not be for this case.
With insurance policies, such as home and auto insurance, it is not always in your best interest to make a claim. Even an inquiry about a claim may count against you and result in an increase in your premium. You may want to ask yourself a few questions before making a claim.

Each and every hint above can certainly be helpful for many of the people today available. Apply these tips towards the insurance strategy you’re serious about. You would like to be certain to seek out vehicle insurance policies that match your desires but won’t expense an arm plus a leg. The data introduced right here should serve as a guide.

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Visiting Hannover


Hannover is a small town in Germany, with a very interesting history and many sites to visit. This video will tell you more about this lovely town and help you decide if you want to make this a travel destination.