What types of companies would benefit from having customised shopping bags

It is now not uncommon for businesses to be running their operation in the most environmentally friendly way possible. One of the ways businesses can be more eco-friendly is through the use of reusable shopping bags. Canvas bags are a great recyclable product and are also a cheap and effective method of advertising. Custom shopping bags can be used in many different industries with an equal amount of success.

Recyclable bags

Plastic bags are extremely damaging to our environment, and as well as ending up as land fill, many ends up in our waterways and are dangerous to fish and sea mammals who can ingest them . Paper bags are not much better for our environment as millions of trees are cut down for their production, although at least the paper can be recycled. The best option for an eco-friendly shopping bag is a canvas bag as they are made from biodegradable natural fibers. They also have the bonus of being comfortable and easy to carry, are stronger than paper and plastic bags, and can also carry a lot of items without breaking. For businesses, they are also a fantastic advertising tool as you can easily print company names and logos on them. A canvas bag, particularly an attractive one, will be recycled and can be utilized in so many ways.

Marketing tool

As a marketing tool, the canvas bag is cheap, simple and offers maximum exposure for your business. A business will find that their name and logo, printed on the side of the bag, will reach not only a large audience but a much different audience than they would normally target. By someone using a company’s canvas bag, they will carry it to a wide variation of places and in front of a broad spectrum of people. If someone carries a businesses bag every day for a year and it is exposed to fifty different people every time they carry it, then that is an enormous amount of free advertising for business. All that exposure for the cost of printing on a single canvas bag.

Uses of Eco-Friendly bags

A business can use canvas bags as give-aways to customers at field days, and trade shows or staff can use them when visiting clients. In a retail store, instead of handing a customers merchandise to them in a plastic bag, give it to them in a printed canvas bag, it will look so much nicer. The bags will be guaranteed to get a lot of positive comments from customers as well as being used again and again. For businesses who sell products online, they can have their products delivered in a canvas bag.

For the customer, it is like receiving a gift, which has only cost your business a few dollars, and it will go on to give you continued advertising as it is used for shopping, carting clothes to the gym, carrying books to the library or any number of uses. Have specific bags printed for couriers or delivery staff? Canvas bags can be customized to include zips, pockets, patches, snaps or anything your business needs. Canvas bags can be used by a variety of businesses so choose a design that is right for what it is going to be used for.